Web Site Planning: Suggestions and Guidelines

Final Thoughts

  • Designing a web site is a team effort. Anyone who insists they can do the job on their own is not someone you wish to have planning and building your web site. If you're the only one in your organization, it's a good idea to hire a web design firm and discuss your ideas with them.
  • Remember, your site should revolve around its content. If you build your site before you have your content you've done things backwards.
  • If a visitor cannot identify your business from the home page, your web site will have failed.
  • Understand and approve the costs and fees before you begin. It's your money and your web site. Don't waste either.
  • Every site will require regular maintenance. Information has to be updated and the site design has to be kept fresh. Ensure maintenance costs and responsibilities are understood and agreed upon as you begin developing your web site. Consider using a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to update your web site content without additional cost.
  • What makes a good web site? Common Sense! If nothing else, build your web site so that it makes sense to your visitors.

Don't forget! Once your site is up and running, plan for a formal and regular evaluation of the site. Suggestions for points of discussion include:

  • Has the site met its goals?
  • Are you getting adequate feedback to evaluate the site?
  • How would current stakeholders evaluate the site?
  • Have new stakeholders come forward since the site was launched?

To you, your web site is a tool for marketing and perhaps selling products. To your web site visitors it is their impression of you and your company.

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