Web Site Planning: Suggestions and Guidelines

Step 3: Web Site Content Development

This step is an opportunity to consider the content of your web site. At the end of this exercise you should have a content inventory and a content development plan.

Consider the following as you begin to compile a content inventory and development plan:

  • Will the site offer content currently available in other formats? If yes, does this content need to be revised for a different medium?
  • Will you produce new (Web-only) content? If yes, then you should open your word processor and begin development. Start with identification of unique pages for your site e.g., home page, contact, newsletter, calendar, etc. Remember that the visitor to your site should recognize the purpose of your organization from the home page. Concise statements keep your visitors from having to scroll excessively.
  • If the blank page prevents you from progressing, start by surfing the web and pulling bits of content from other sites. Bring them into your word processor and modify them to suit your organization.
  • What is required to properly present that content for your intended users in the "user experience" of your choice?
    • List these requirements in detail.
    • The list may include everything from images used to support and enhance text-heavy content to the complex programming requirements for interactive Web pages.
  • What features from the web do you wish to provide to your visitors?
    • Sharing Snapshots (Gallery)
    • Sharing Thoughts (Blogs)
    • An online Brochure
    • An online Store (E-Commerce)
    • Forums and Chats (Bulletin Board or BBS and Chatrooms Possibly Moderated)
    • Newsletters or E-Zines
    • Forms, Reports and Unique Needs

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