Web Site Planning: Suggestions and Guidelines

Step 2: Identify Your Site Audience

Consider the following suggestions to stimulate discussion:

  • Identify possible user "experiences" you will offer on your web site.
  • Rank the importance of each audience group.
  • Identify the special needs or requirements, if any, for each audience group. For example, people with disabilities may be unable to access your web site, or do so only with great difficulty.

The outcome of this exercise is a collection of user experiences that match the site goals.
Also, remember the expectations of ALL users:

  • They want useful content;
  • They want easy and clear access to that content;
  • As a general rule, they are impatient; that is they are reluctant to wait beyond a reasonable time (12 seconds and shrinking) for content to display;
  • They have more faith in well-designed sites.

See Example:
What have others done?

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