About Us

Black Diamond Web Sites is a Kolbe Software Solutions Enterprise.

The focus of Black Diamond is on web sites and web hosting. Black Diamond uses the appropriate technology to construct and host your site. Even developing our own Content Management System (CMS) when it was clear that open source solutions fell well short of the desires of Black Diamond's clients.

That's the level of commitment to customer satisfaction that Black Diamond prides itself on. We want you to be happy. Even more, we want you to get the best results possible.

You may be able to find lower prices, but you won't find greater dedication to your satisfaction, as a Black Diamond customer.

Why CMS?
Simply, to allow you to update the content of your web site. Black Diamond offers numerous distinct content management systems including: Drupal, which is an open source CMS which is powerful and flexible; and the Black Diamond CMS which allows you to update your web pages using only your word processor and a browser with an internet connection. By using the Black Diamond CMS, you take control of your web site, without a significant learning curve.

The way the Black Diamond CMS works is to take the output of your word processor, which you upload with a button click, and place that into the content portion of your web site. This ensures a common look and feel (because your layout is not modified), and allows you to easily update the content of your site, whenever you desire.


Photograph of Mr. Raymond Kolbe
Mr. Kolbe, Black Diamond's principle founder, has an impressive background in the computing and cognitive sciences. Raymond W. Kolbe is a technology provider, using and developing advanced software technologies for clients. Mr. Kolbe is a graduate of the University of Colorado, where he received several awards while attaining a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, minoring in Business, and a Master of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Kolbe has led the development of a myriad of projects, published numerous papers, accomplished research in several areas of Computer Science, and remained current in the rapidly advancing field of computer science.